A Clockwork Orange. Malcolm McDowell stars as Alexander de Large in this film by Stanley Kubrick, from 1971. This movie is basically about an extremely violent guy, who rapes and beats up other people. He's sent to jail, becomes brainwashed and is released.


  In the episode 8F17 Dog of Death, Santa's Little Helper is being brainwashed by Montgomery Burns. Just like Alexander in A Clockwork Orange, is he being forced to watch rather disturbing movies.
In 1F02 Homer goes to College, a similar device is being used to keep Homer's eyes open.
After his treatment, Alexander is being showed off, in a press conference. A naked woman comes in, to test him. When he reaches for the breasts, we can see the result of his treatment: He falls apart, holding around the woman's legs.   Bart notices the cupcakes in the episode 9F14 Duffless. Earlier in the episode, Lisa started her experiment: "Is my brother dumber than a hamster?" She connects an electrical current to a cupcake, and sets up a sign saying: "Do not touch." Bart sees the sign, but try to eat the cupcake anyway. He gets shocked over and over again. In a later scene, Marge tells Bart to get the cupcakes in the kitchen, but when he's going to take them down, he falls down on the floor shivering. The entire scene is very similar to the conference scene in A Clockwork Orange.
    In 9F04 Treehouse of Horror III Bart is dressed up like Alex, with a similar hat and mark around his right eye.
Screenshots by TSG and Jazake.